6 Things I Learned From Vacation In London

This past week I took a holiday aka vacation across the pond to London, United Kingdom. One of my best friends moved there 8 months ago and decided I needed to pay her a visit…

God Save the Star Spangled Banner

In honor of the closing ceremonies, and two countries I am absolutely in LOVE with, I decided to throw together a gallery of my favourite Patriotic nail art! I love the nails with American and British flag… something I totally want for back to school. Would you rock these super cute nails?

Top 10 : Oxford Shoes

Here is a Top 10 with Oxford Shoes . Enjoy .

Cool New Wet Seal Shirt…Wait, Make that KEWL KNEW W3T SEEL SHURT

I have tried to come up with some clever way to open this blog up, but to be honest, I’m lost for words.  So let’s just move on to the picture:

Do you see…

Urlo E Non Mi Senti (Scream And You Don’t Hear Me) – Alessandra Amoroso LIVE

I’d appreciate if you can leave a comment below about the song, it’s so important for me! This is the second single of Alessandra from her new album IL MONDO IN UN SECONDO (The world in a second), I hope you like it! Below the song translated: I will come back… i will come back… More »

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