Unbelievable Enchanted Sculptures By Wood Splitter Lee

Moon babies, meet the Alaskan sculptor Wood Splitter Lee and her unbelievable enchanted animals. No two of her creations are the same – there are no molds used in the process. All of these babies are crafted from scratch – from a skeleton to stuffing and finally, decoration made of synthetic fur and paint. Her… More »

I Can’t Believe You’re NOT Human: Enchanted Dolls!

Moon Babies, meet the insanely stunning Enchanted Dolls by Marina Bychkova…they are SO hyper-real, I can’t believe they’re NOT human! The extraordinary detail with which Marina constructs her beauties is just so brilliant and awe-inspiring – they really do enchant you <3 She describes her breathtaking creations as “more than mere playthings, Enchanted Dolls are… More »

Romantic Goth Runway – Chanel Spring Couture 2013

I am so in love with the Chanel Spring Couture 2013 showcase…there were some major fantasy and goth vibes, so I’m sure you can see why it’s right up my alley. Creative genius, Karl Lagerfeld, was inspired by the mystical happenings of an enchanted forest for this collection (à la Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream)…. More »

Flashback Friday: 8 Live-Action/Animation Disney Movies

If someone said the name Disney, what would you automatically think of? Mickey, Minnie and a plethora of animated movie titles, perhaps? And if you are among the younger and…

That’s how you knowwww!

It’s just that I’m obsessed with this movie

Psychologically thrilling Disney movie

with a Happily Ever After.

New movie entering my top 10

I recently joined Netflix because 1. I don’t have a car and no video places are within walking distance for me 2. I really would like to know what the rest of the world (i.e.…

meet me at the pink sands

in a little over a month i am going to be 20! august 24th to be exact. it’s so weird to think that i am no longer a teenager. i have done so much growing…

“Enchanted” Trailer

Disney’s upcoming movie (November) starring McDreamy! Haha, I am so gonna see this when it comes out.

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