ema 2010

Eva Longoria @ EMA’s 2010 (backstage & show)

In my opinion the best female host of the show of all the EMA’s era
: funny, sexy and for nothing boring; Eva Longoria is one of my fav actresses and models, I would kill…

EMA 2010 – #7 Best Female & Best Song for Gaga

We are arriving almost to the end, but there are still a couple to awards to give.

Miley Cyrus presents “Best Rock”. The award goes to 30 Second To Mars

A funny Eva Longoria arrives…

EMA 2010 – #6 Waiting for the end

The show goes on and Eminem won “Best Hip Hop” awards

Enrique Iglesias thanks all his fan in a video message for “Spanish Awards”

Katy Perry with Eva Longoria, the first gives some advice for…

EMA 2010 – #5 Fire, Bikini and California Gurls

Eva Longoria shows her family and 4 boys all muscles up on the stage only with slip with the Spain flag colour and the letter LO – NG – OR – IA. So funny.

“Best video”…

EMA 2010 – Red Carpet #1

EMA 2010 – #4 “Global Icon” Bon Jovi

Eva Longoria continues to change a lot of outfits, in only 46 minutes she changes 4 outfits, everyone perfect on her body, i loved the last one black and with feathers like skirts.

Continue the awards,…

EMA 2010 – #3 “Best Pop Video” for Lady Gaga

The show continues with Kings’ of Leon performance.

Pauli D. & Snooki present “Best Pop Video”, and the winner is Lady Gaga. The singer is in Budapest right now and leave a video message for all…

EMA 2010 – #2 Ke$ha, the first winner of the evening

The show opened with Shakira’s performance “Loca”, her new single and the summer hit “Waka Waka”

Then Eva Longoria in a really red short dress gives her welcome to Madrid and launch the first…

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