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What Famous Blonde is Appearing in Fall Out Boy’s New Album?

Fall Out Boy has been known for colaborating with a large variety of artists, such as Kanye West, Elvis Costello, Debbie Harry, Lil Wayne and Pharrell Wiliams. Earlier this week, Fall…

Bonnaroo Round Up

If you were like most of us this weekend, you were probably home scrap booking photos of a shirtless Shia La Beouf while watching The Bridges of Madison County on DVD (was that just me?).…

Pete Wentz on Folie a Deux, F’NMTV and How Love Changed His Life

Pete Wentz‘s name causes a ruckus around these parts.  And it’s caused a number of ruckuses (rucksi?) this past year, especially in regards to Pete’s relationship with now-wife Ashlee

Fall Out Boy Announce Elvis Costello as Album Guest

This morning Fall Out Boy sent Absolutepunk an exclusive announcement about another guest star who will be lending their talents to Folie a Deux — Elvis Costello. The message…

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