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Add Some Eco To Your Beauty Routine With Soma Water!

How about adding some Eco to your beauty routine?  Sounds great, right?! But it’s not as easy as you think. While many of us drink plenty of water a…

Fashion Must Haves: Earth Day Edition

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than scoping some amazing Vegan Fashion Must Haves?
Eco-Friendly does not have to be brown and boring.

Here are some excellent examples of the art…

Hollywood’s Greenest Celebrities

In honor of Earth Day, check out this gallery of Hollywood’s Eco-Friendly Elite!

12 Eco-Friendly Celebs

It’s April 22th and you know what that means… Earth Day! While it may seem like our world is slowly deteriorating with all the pollution and waste emitted on a daily basis, fortunately many people are eco-conscious and are trying to make our world a better place. From driving environmentally friendly cars to wearing eco-friendly… More »

Bronze Crystal Ring

want this for my gf Buy it here.

Eco-Friendly Fashion: 22 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Style

There are a million ways you can help save our beautiful planet, and one of them is by being more aware of the fashion you purchase and wear. This Earth Day, take some time to research and look for locally produced fabrics, organic fibers, and conscious companies that are doing their part to limit our… More »

Passion Pit Announce Fall Tour Dates

This Fall, Passion Pit will be part…

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