5 Underrated Indie-Pop Songs You Need To Put On Your Radar

Last month we gave you a list of underrated pop songs you absolutely needed to hear but this month is all about the growing world of indie-pop! Get those playlists ready! You’re going to be obsessed with these gems in no time! Transviolet – “The Hamptons” Summer may be over but there’s no expiration date… More »

Guest DJ: DWNTWN Shares The Songs That Inspired Debut ‘Racing Time’

LA indie-pop trio, DWNTWN, are riding high off of the release of their debut album, Racing Time. A culmination of singer Jamie Leffler’s struggles with losing her father at the age of fourteen to a heroin overdose to the highs and lows of being in love, Racing Time offers listeners a different approach to life… More »

7 Instances When The Remix Was Better Than The Original

Remixes can either be a hit or miss. Whether you love a good dance mix or a collaborative effort between music hottest artists, remixes are a celebration of your favorite tracks. However, no matter how good the originals are, sometimes the remix takes the cake. Here are 7 instances when the remix topped the original… More »

Tina’s Top 10 Albums of 2014

Whoever said that writing about music shouldn’t be personal either had a big bowl of phooey for breakfast or they’re just in the wrong profession. If you’ve never had a personal connection to a particular…

Song Of The Day: “Blankets” by DWNTWN

I don’t know how they do it, but DWNTWN always manages to know what’s going on in my life. “Blankets,” the last song off of their new self-titled EP, has been on repeat…

Tina’s Top 10 Essential Summer Albums

Summer is so close I can taste it! Literally. As the humidity in New York City gets thicker, I am tasting things I never wanted to taste before. But that’s besides the point. Along with frozen yogurt, sunscreen, sunglasses and short-sleeve V-necks, music is an essential summer must-have! There are certain albums that just remind… More »

Bands To Buzz About Spring ’14 Round Up

Spring got us sprung (that was bad..sorry) and now it is finally time for the carefree days of summer! New music is coming your way very soon but until then, catch up on what you…

WATCH: DWNTWN Premiere Heartfelt ‘Missing You’ Video

DWNTWN have premiered their music video for “Missing You” this week! The video is a heartfelt tribute to singer Jamie Leffler’s grandfather and will tug on the heartstrings of anyone who has ever loved and lost. Grab your tissues. Check out the video above and let us know your thoughts in the comments below! DWNTWN’s… More »



Los Angeles indie/pop band, DWNTWN, consisting of Jamie Leffler (vocals) Robert Cepeda (vocals/guitar) Chris…

Song Of The Day: “There Is Nowhere” by Blackbird Blackbird (DWNTWN Remix)

My new favorite obsession, DWNTWN, remixed Blackbird Blackbird‘s “There Is Nowhere” and I must admit that I like it more than the original. With shoegazy guitars and singer Jamie Leffler’s haunting…

Band To Buzz About Spring ’14: DWNTWN

Los Angeles indie/synthpop band DWNTWN have been my newest obsession that I can’t wait to share with you guys. After stumbling upon their song, “Til…

EXCLUSIVE: DWNTWN ‘Midnight Ride’ Mixtape

LA natives, Robert Cepeda & Jamie Leffler, have come together to form the electro-pop duo DWNTWN.  This “dream team” is releasing their debut mixtape “Midnight Ride” mixed by DJ Skeet Skeet on Wednesday, September 28, but…

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