So it’s time to show you what I got for Christmas, well most of it of course I probably forgot to photograph some things. It was a good year…

Barbie – A Natural Beauty?

Barbara Millicent Roberts, a.k.a. Barbie, is the quintessential icon of glamour and femininity. With her beachy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and waify waist, Barbie has represented a standard of beauty that has both been reveled and reproved. Personally, I cannot attribute any of my own insecurities to the dainty dolly. I believe that there… More »

Misha Nonoo NYFW 2013

The Misha Nonoo FW 2013 collection was presented atop The High Line by The Standard in downtown Manhattan. Inspired by the NY-based designer’s recent trip to Moscow, Nonoo’s designs were both romantic and sharp in their architecture. The models stood in a straight line, resembling high-fashion Russian dolls, decked in stately countryside ensembles that fused… More »

The Evolution Of Barbie

The very first Barbie was created in 1959! Little girls have fallen in love with the doll ever since. Each year something about Barbie changes. Whether it be her hair, clothes or her make-up she is always changing her look and always looking FAB! I can remember wanting nothing else for Christmas except the “Moovin’… More »

Happy Spook Day! How Are You Dressed For Halloween?

One of my favorite days of the year is finally here! It’s awesome to see people in costume with some genuine Halloween spirit. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I rode the Metro this…

Doll Hair.

Hi everyone,

What do you guys think of the haircuts in these photos? This doll-like hairstyle is a look that’s seen a boost in popularity in recent years, most notably in…

Style Icon: Marina And The Diamonds

Im loving Marina And The Diamonds new look! The Marie Antoinette meets house wife doll look is brilliant! I don’t know if I would have the dedication to pull it off on the daily, but she does it great! I always thought she had amazing style but this is top notch! THOUGHTS? If you haven’t… More »

Plush Fox Doll D.I.Y.

1: Supplies Needed- Simple solid, print, and white cotton fabric, scissors, card stock, plush stuffing, sewing machine/needle and thread and child safe snap on button eyes and noses. (You can…

My Top 16 Most Beautiful Women (2011)

My Top 16 Most Beautiful Women… in no particular order.
1. Audrey Kitching

Name: Audrey Kitching (Scene name: Twigg Violence)

Occupation: Model/ spokesperson/ blogger (for Buzznet)

Why I like her: Her pink hair, animal rights activist, great personalith


Sammi Doll


I may or may not have already done a blog on Sammi Doll, but nonetheless here’s another.

Please do check her out. She has a great voice, and…

MEET NO-HELL the Living Dead Doll ……………..

Yes I do play with dolls and even Living Dead Dolls !!! My son gave her to me for Christmas now she joins KILL-BABY here at Bizarreland ~ This doll NO-HELL, was no angel they say,,,, She would break all the other toys aboard Santa’s Sleigh,,,,,,, And while all the children are all fast asleep,,,,,,,… More »

Shawn Michaels & Dx Gifs and Banners

                                                         HBK gifs & banners,along with DX gifs & banners.

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