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Ali Lohan’s Weight Rumors Are ‘Rubbish’: Do You Agree?

Since Ali Lohan’s big transformation in September, rumors have been running rampant that aspiring model Ali had plastic surgery done and that she has an eating disorder. Naturally, the Lohan family denies…

Ali Lohan Tags Along at Lindsay’s Playboy Shoot… Wait, Isn’t She Underage?

It was surprising enough to find out yesterday that after years of Playboy courtship, Lindsay Lohan finally gave in and agreed to pose nude for Playboy magazine for nearly a…

Dina Lohan Not Concerned With Ali’s Weight Loss: Is She Blind or In Denial?

When pictures emerged last week of Ali Lohan and her new look, the Internet erupted with opinions – and within good reason: Lindsay’s little sister was just a shadow…

Ali Lohan’s New Face: Is 17 Too Young For Plastic Surgery?

Paging Ali Lohan! Ali Lohan, is that you? Lindsay Lohan‘s not-so-little sister was spotted with her big sis at a salon in Beverly Hills yesterday, sporting what seemed to…

Lohan in the Morning: Dina Lohan Is One Tough Mutha

You didn’t think the show would be about Ali did you?

Dina Lohan Massacres Mother’s Day

Filed under: Wacky and Weird, Lindsay LohanTMZ.com: And now hell has officially frozen over — Dina Lohan was celebrated last night as an outstanding mom of the year at a Long Island charity event.Her husband Michael told us that she was supposed to be at a court-ordered family therapy session… from www.tmz.com

Dina Lohan Defending Lindsay Lohan’s Attempt To Blind Us

Ugh. YOU ARE NOT MARILYN MONROE. Damn. Stop! Cut it out! Here’s a shot from that sad-ass Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe photoshoot in “New York” magazine. This chick isn’t even Norma Jean! Mo’nique could pull this off better! Dina Lohan is once again doing the tired stage mom seducing… from socialitelife.buzznet.com

Dina Lohan Visits Her Tax Deduction in Rehab

(WENN) Ha! Clearly I was just joking because there’s no way in hell she has an income of her own. Since Lindsay Lohan checked into the Promises facility last week for recovery treatment, she has yet to receive a visit from family–until now, that is. Dina Lohan, come on down! Lindsay’s… from socialitelife.com

Thursday Buzz 6/7

Presenting Jayden James Federline! (Evil Beet)

Jolie & her cute family stories… to divert our attention from her ploy to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. (The Dirty Disher)

Take a…

Thursay Buzz 3/22

It’s good to have goals in life, but I mean… Starbucking? (freeindie)ANTM Photo Shoot #4– who did you like best? I liked Renee and Whitney. (ONTD)Wanna smell like Gwen? Cause she has a perfume! (justnodoubt.net)Tom…

The Insufferable Dina Lohan Spouts Some New Nonsense

It’s pretty apparent that Dina Lohan has never heard the expression: “It is better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt,” or she would take a vow of… from socialitelife.com

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