Artist On The Rise: Jamia

Jamia is going to be someone you will be hearing a lot from starting very soon.  She is a 17-year-old, incredibly talented songstress who is currently being mentored by Destiny’s Child’s, Kelly Rowland & Michelle…

90s Pop Is BACK! Destiny’s Child & Justin Timberlake Releasing New Music

Hold the phone! Destiny’s Child AND Justin Timberlake are both preparing to release new music in 2013. AHHHH!

Pop music fans take a deep breathe. 

Destiny’s Child’s official website…

Record Rewind: The Best of 1999

Record Rewind! I love listening to music hits of the past so let’s taking a trip back to 1999. All of these songs were number one singles for various weeks back in 1999; do you remember…

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