Lea Michele’s ‘Rise And Shine’ Quotes

I have to say that Lea Michele is one of the strongest persons ever, honestly I feel so inspired by her, probably more in the last few months than before. After what she went through this Summer, she has been so strong to rise again and continue her life having in her heart her soulmate…. More »

Britney Spears Fans’ Friday Night In GIFs

Yesterday, after a night where insomnia got the best of me, I woke up at 7:30am and went at Uni for a lesson from 10am till 1pm, it was pretty interesting because our teacher called…

Mondays With Britney Spears [A Day In GIFs]

Mondays are a huge hassle for everyone… even though today I wasn’t at Uni because in the weekend I’ve been in my Uni’s city because I collaborated for the music for a fashion…

Mondays With Britney Spears [A Day In GIFs]

Mondays are a huge hassle for everyone… even though today I wasn’t at Uni because in the weekend I’ve been in my Uni’s city because I collaborated for the music for a fashion…

Fashion Favorite: Birthday Girl Samii Ryan

Today is one of our lovely Buzzmakers‘ days of birth! Samii Ryan is our go-to-girl for everythnig and anything en vogue. She has such an eye for style and design, which is just a tiny fraction of the infinite reasons we love this gorgeous gal. To celebrate her 22nd birthday, we have compiled 22 of… More »

Bad-Ass Ladies To Celebrate on International Women’s Day

As you may have seen on the Google homepage today, it’s International Women’s Day! As I think we all know, it’s the ladies who make-a-da-world go round so let’s take a look at some of the boss females who have gotten us to this point. Who run the world? GIRLS. I couldn’t include EVERYONE, did… More »

Happy National Mean Girls Day!

Are you wearing pink today?

Or are you tired of #MeanGirls blowing up your Twitter?

Day Of The Dead Inspired Tattoos!

I’m counting down until Halloween! I can’t believe it’s almost October! I’ve been so excited for summer to end, especially because of the 100 degree weather! Which Day of the Dead tattoo do you like the most? I can’t wait for pumpkin spice, pumpkin pies and lot of treats! What are you most excited about… More »

Question of the Day: How Would You Spend Your Perfect Day?

Tickle me shocked, Los Angeles. Today, your skies are clear and the warm summer sun is already out and making me squint. The heavens are no longer drab and grey like some lazy winter’s day.…


Today I had so crazy day.
I wake up about 4.45 a.m. like every day.
I did so many stuffs but I wanna do more and more. But day doesn’t…

21 Irish Celebrities That May Surprise You!

Whether you’re Irish or not, I think we’re all excited that Saint Patrick’s Day is this Saturday! So as I was thinking of green outfit options, green make-up ideas and green beer, I thought it would be fun to put together a gallery of celebs of Irish descent…some are obvious and some just might suprise… More »

What the Hellz? Introducing BOTB Clothing!

I’d like to introduce you to this unique new collection, BOTB, by Lanie Alabanza-Barcena (creator of the trail blazing street brand, Hellz Bellz). BOTB’s highly anticipated collection, titled “Movers and Shakers,” looks amazing! Lanie did an awesome job combining her tough girl mold with a more light hearted approach – mixing high end sensibilities with… More »

Remember The Day: Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ TRL ON THE ROAD (Catania, IT) [July 16, 2010]

This is my second important date of July impressed in my heart forever, about Tokio Hotel.

This is the day where finally I met my angel and my brother in law, and I will never forget…

Remember The Day: Tokio Hotel Live In Modena [July 11th, 2008]

July for me it’s a really special month, especially if I connect it to Tokio Hotel: I knew them in July, I saw them for the first time in July, I met the twins in…

Fluffy Carrot

Today I was for the whole day at IKEA for house shop with my parents… we bought a new table for the living room and new chairs. and take a look for a new dresser for their bedroom and bought other stuff and I couldn’t resist when I saw this cute carrot xp it’s really… More »

One Day in Kerli’s Life


I thought it would be fun to take notes and pictures throughout a day and share it with you. This is pretty much what my typical day looks like <3<br…

March 8th – Woman’s Day

Best wishes to all the women of the world.

Remember this day as social, political, economic women’s conquests, to the discriminations and abuses which they are continuing…

Jan 11th, 2011 – Britney @ Dance Studio

I hate when paparazzi ask that stupid questions or call her for have attentions -.- Go Britney Go!!!

Outfit of the day

Don’t look my room, it’s really messy!!! ha ha ha XD but i love my messy and I find everything… Tomorrow I woke up so late and I hadn’t time to make my bed or clean up my room, I went out with my mum (today is her b-day) and the time flies away so… More »

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