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OH SNAP: Selena Gomez & David Letterman Fist Bump Over Making Justin Bieber Cry

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Maybe I had Selena Gomez all wrong. The baby-faced Disney darling has always come off as the polite and boring type to me, but…

The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – My 13 Fav Interviews

October 24th is around the corner and this is the next to last blog dedicated to my Queen B, I’m really proud about all the blogs I wrote about…

Christina Perri on David Letterman TONIGHT!

Hey everyone. My talented friend Christina Perri will be playing on David Letterman tonight. James Franco is a guest + Josh Groban is singing the “Top Ten” list. In preparation of tonight I watched…

Watch Kirstie Alley Call Out David Letterman

So, let’s face it: being the subject of a fat joke sucks.  Same as being the victim of any other mean, vague-ly bullying joke.  Sometimes you can laugh at it, but at the core it…

VIDEO: The Vaccines Make American Debut on The Late Show, Perform ‘If You Wanna’

British Indie rockers The Vaccines performed their fast paced tune, “If You Wanna” last night on the Late Show with David Latterman, marking the band’s network television debut. Congrats boys! They played a vibrant, diligent version of their latest hit “If You Wanna” in their first attempt to wow the American television viewing audience. The… More »

Happy Awkward Moment Day!: 5 Of The Most Awkward Moments On TV

Ever had an awkward moment? Of course you have. Everyone has – in fact, you’re probably not human if you’ve said no. But ever had it in front of millions of people on…

How Annoying Is Heidi Montag?

Heidi Montag wore this pink lacy dress to the David Letterman show in NY. She’s wants every household knowing her name. She can pass for any kind of Barbie Doll at this point… I’m still not sure if this outfit is worse than Lohan’s. from www.hollywoodrag.com

Larry ‘Bud’ Melman Shuffles Off Mortal, Late Night Sidekick Coil

It is with considerable sadness that we note that Calvert “Larrry ‘Bud’ Melman” DeForest has passed. The AP describes him as “gnomish” and a “balding, bespectacled nebbish,” but we prefer to remember him as a…

Michael Richards Apologizes for Racist Rage

Michael Richards explained via satellite from Los Angeles to David Letterman and friend Jerry Seinfeld in New York, that he had lost his temper after some members of the audience interrupted his act and that… from www.hollywoodrag.com

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