MeOW! Bandages To Give You Injury Envy

This past week, Taylor Swift fans round the world took a collective gasp when the country-turned-pop mega star posted a pic on Instagram of a pretty severe cat scratch on her leg. While we all know her little kitty Meredith didn’t intend to slash her 40 million dollar gams, Tay took it all in stride… More »


Self-harm it serious and dangerous problem. Often it touches kids, teenagers, prisoners or people struggling with eating disorders, depression etc Overcome isn’t easy but always we have to try.

Charlize Theron Shaves Off Hair: Hot Or Not?

Charlize Theron stepped out on Monday in Beverly Hills sporting her newest haircut: a shaved head! She was covering the new buzz cut with a fedora, so we can’t really see it properly, but she looks amazing, obviously. Now if you’re wondering why she took such a big leap, well it’s because of her new… More »

Kim Kardashian Chops Off Inches From Her Long Locks: Hot Or Not?

One of the things Kim Kardashian is known for is her long gorgeous hair, and now she has cut it off a few inches! She posted pictures of her at the Radio One studies in London on her blog and said, “Did you guys notice I cut my hair? Just a little shorter! I thought… More »


“RECOVERY” this is my last poem. I recorded to it my voice and uploaded special for you on YouTube.

Anne Hathaway’s New Pixie Cut: Hot Or Not?

Anne Hathaway has chopped off her long beautiful chesnut locks for her role as Fantine in her upcoming movie ‘Les Miserables.’ Here she is seen leaving the Box on Sunday as paparazzi took a lot of pictures of her new cut. Obviously, it was her first time revealing this look so she must have been… More »

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