Photo Diary: In Cruise Again For The Ninth Time

Here I am with a huge gallery with the most part of the pics my dad and I shot during our holiday. If you want to read a bit of history of the place just check out the links below: Day One – Leaving Trieste Day Two – Ancona Day Three – Medugorje Day Four… More »

Oct 3rd, 2011 – Britney Live In Zurich, CH // A Dream Came True… Literally [PHOTO GALLERY]

I decided to put all my pics about Zurich in another gallery because I want to separate my experience to the other concerts. I put the copyright on my pics because I won’t people steal my photos. I hope you like them! And HERE there’s a blog where I talk about my Zurich experience and… More »

Oct 1st, 2011 – Britney Live In Zagreb, HR [VIDEOS UPDATE]

October 1, 2011, in Zagreb, Croatia is Britney Spears’ forty-third show off the

Femme Fatale Tour


Sean and JJ…

E is for Exploring

I chose this pic of my dad because I really love nature and forests… This pic is from Bled Lake in Croatia, shot last July from my daddy. He really loves photography and he usually explores a lot the places for to find something of really curious or suggestiing to shot, his photos are always… More »

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