criss angel

Thursay Buzz 8/16

Maybe Ginger Spice should stay away from Posh. (snagwire)

IBBB takes on Newport Harbor. So you don’t have to.

Galadarling’s cheap glee.

Maybe Criss Angel can make…

Wednesday Buzz 7/18

Google makes everything so easy. Even finding terrorist classes! (IBBB)

Bunny is a NICKname, not a REAL name. Geez. (Evil Beet)

Posh doesn’t want to be besties with P. Hilly. (IntoGossip)
<img style="width: 147px; height:…

Monday Buzz 7/2

Criss Angel, keepin’ secrets! (The Blemish)

All the ladies applying to be on The Bachelor are dirty. (The Dirty Disher)

Britney Spears: Pop Quiz. (Holy Candy)

Lily Allen <a…

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