Your Favorite Childhood Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Zombies

The month of October is awesome because anything and everything can be turned into a creepy crawly, spooky entity and it’s not considered weird or disturbing. With the best month of the year gaining full momentum, we found all your favorite childhood Disney characters and beyond reimagined as zombies! The art work is pretty incredible and shows… More »

Adorable Monsters by Chris Ryniak

Moon Babies, meet Chris Ryniak – an incredible painter and sculpotor of “unearthly, but entirely possible, creatures and worlds.”:) Besides being in awe of his adorable monsters, here’s what I found out about the creator himself from his homepage: “Chris Ryniak was born in 1976 in the suburbs of Detroit. He spent his childhood basking… More »


I took this photo at the exact moment I turned 67 on Wednesday. Yes I do know the exact time and day of the week I was born and this year everything lined up so I knew when the hour and minute would be, I don’t think this will happen for another 8 years. I… More »

BubbleGothTastic – Cute and Wicked art of Kate Logan

Hi Moon Babies!<3 Check out this incredible art by a freelance illustrator living in East Atlanta, Kate Logan. It was posted on my wall by Kate’s friend who happens to a be a moon child and I instantly fell in love. Her heroines are twisted and kawaii at the same time…so #BubbleGoth<3Kate’s blog/shop: // //

Pokemon gone creepy!!! #HalloweenMonth #BubbleGoth

Happy thursday, Moon Babies<3 By the time you see this post, I will already happily incubate new music in a cocoon faw far away in the woods…I didn’t wanna leave you hanging though, cause there is so much #BubbleGothTastic stuff to share, especially now when we’re headed into the #HalloweenMonth (My favorite holiday!). So in… More »

BubbleGothTastic: The Queen of Creepy Cakes!

Moon Babies, meet the incredible Christine McConnell aka the queen of creepy cakes and treats <3 The Los Angeles based stylist/photographer turned baker has been getting tons of rad attention for her seriously amazing culinary masterpieces. Not only has she taught herself how to whip up these beautifully gothic treats, but she creates her own… More »

These Childhood Favorites Will Give You The Creeps!

An amazing Los Angeles-based digital artist, Dan LuVisi has taken our favorite cartoons to a whole next creepy level…re-imagining them into dark and gritty criminals and demons. Dan was inspired by his own childhood nostalgia, but his true intention behind his art is quite deep and brilliant – “My intentions were to…combine that love with… More »

Cute Or Creepy: Sarah Hyland Poses With Dolls For Flaunt Magazine

Sarah Hyland is looking just as eerie (in a good kind of way) as the dolls in her latest photo shoot with Flaunt Magazine, it’s as if she is a life size doll! The 23-year-old got to play up the fact that she plays a character and looks way younger than she actually is. Thanks… More »

Eye Love Nail Art: 25 Eyeball Nail Designs

Last summer my sister painted eyeballs on every single one of my nails. It was a little creepy looking but it was def one of my favorite designs she has done on my nails. I can’t believe it has taken my this long to remember my love for eyeball nails (sounds weird I know). But… More »

I Can’t Believe You’re A Human Pt 12!

I can’t believe you’re human – Valeria Lukyanova I am so fascinated by Ukrainian living doll, Valeria Lukyanova, who uses plastic surgery and cosmetics to literally become Barbie. Valeria has big, glassy eyes, long blonde hair, an ample bosom and a tiny carved waist. She describes herself as the most famous Russian woman on the… More »

First Look: Creepy ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Halloween Episode Clip!

We just can’t seem to get enough of the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars! The show is currently on its third season and in honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday,…

Ghost Town Haunts Hollywood With New Single

Haunting from Hollywood, CA, the electro-rock band Ghost Town is putting me in the mood for my favorite holiday – Halloween!

Since the beginning of September, Ghost Town has released a free single each…

Dolls Gone Creepy!!!!

Tim Walker Gian Dolls editorial for Italian Vogue I love Tim Walker so much. He always finds ways to create settings that are straight out of a little girls dream. He also seems to have a passion for dolls cause I’ve found a couple of his editorials where he uses dolls for inspiration. Here’s one… More »

Music Video Time: Die Antwoord

I’m in love with Die Antwoord! Yolandis style is to die for and me and my friends have been obsessed with the latest track of theirs. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out: Check out my new The Creepiest Place In The World – The Island Of Dolls, Mirror, Mirror and WANT!!!! Zero… More »

The Creepiest Place In The World – The Island Of Dolls

The Island of dolls “La Isla de la Munecas” is situated in Mexico and must be one of the creepiest places in the world, attracting gore loving people with thousands of mutilated dolls hanging from every tree on the island. How BubbleGoth! We owe this incredible place to Don Julian Santana, a hermit who dedicated… More »

Creepy Or Cool? I Got My Eye On You

There’s something mystical about the eyes – they are considered the windows of the soul so it’s not surprising to see this symbolism being not only largely used since the beginning of our first civilizations and religions, but also popping up a lot in fashion and entertainment nowadays. What do u think about the on… More »

The 2 Worst Things that Have Happened on ‘Toddlers in Tiaras’ This Season

So, in case you haven’t noticed, the end of the world is happening all around us. Evidence of this fact can be seen every Wednesday at…

Rich’s Haunted Video Clip Emporium From The Dark Side Of The Web

Reblogged from El Rich

If by “Dark Side Of The Web” I actually mean YouTube, then yes, that is precisely what I mean. Mostly, I can be found playing any one of the…

Rich’s Haunted Video Clip Emporium From The Dark Side Of The Web

If by “Dark Side Of The Web” I actually mean YouTube, then yes, that is precisely what I mean. Mostly, I can be found playing any one of the following songs endlessly on repeat or…

Honeymoon Spent on a Killing Rampage

This is one of the creepiest wedding photos I have ever seen. Don’t ask me why but for some reason looking at this photo reminds me of The Shining. @Chantalcheri

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