Stars In Commercials Before They Were Famous


This month at Buzznet we are all about makin’ memories and remembering some of our fave moments from the past. I decided to take a trip down memory lane…

“Got Milk” Era Comes To An End: See Best Ads Through The Years

Every 80s and 90s kid can remember the height of the “Got Milk” ad campaigns. From the hottie Hanson boys to the super cool style of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the ads were a time capsule into different cultural moments. After 20 years, the Milk Processor Education Program is finally replacing the 20-year ads. What… More »

Reblog Posts: What I Love About Other Buzzneters

This is a little gallery about what I love the other Buzzneters posts about music, fashion, style ect… I hope you like it!

Flashback Friday: 10 Catchy Cereal Commercials From the 90s

Oh mornings, who likes them? Especially when you’re a kid and have five looooong dreaded days of school to trudge along to! The best part about mornings would definitely be breakfast time, when you could…

Return of The Man Your Man Can Smell Like

Old Spice gave the world a work of pure joy when they released the first commercial featuring “The Man Your Man Can Smell Like.”  Maybe your man couldn’t get you two tickets to that thing…

Paramore Commercials

These made my day 😀 -Gracie

Oh look! Anti-Drug ads for Preschoolers!

Just what we needed after yesterdays tokin’ toddlers story.Oh dude! You know the guy that smoked out his kids totallllllly saw this ad. And maybe it also explains why Pete Doherty was feeding Penguins doobies….

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