Scrunchies Are Rad And Need To Make A Major Comeback

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen every other girl rocking a scrunchie in their hair. In the ’80s and ’90s, scrunchies were tres cool…but now it’s like spotting Big Foot when you see one being worn loud and proud out in public. With ’90s trends standing strong in fashion, it’s time for scrunchies to… More »

10 Old Fashioned Words That Should Come Back Around

Honestly, it’s hard to keep up with all the new Internet slang. It just never ends. Plus, there’s weird slang like QIR that doesn’t even make perfect sense. Shouldn’t it be CER for “cue eye roll?!” I don’t get it. Why not go back to simpler times? Here are ten old fashioned words and sayings… More »

EXCLUSIVE: Tokio Hotel Announce The New Album ‘Kings Of Suburbia’

Tokio Hotel are officially back. We can say it loud!

On September 2, the band shared a message on their Facebook account saying:

A message to you!…

WHOA BABY! Could a Full House Revival Be In The Works?

ATTENTION 90’s babies! You might want to sit down for this! News spread today that there might be a Full House revivial in the works!

Kevin And Danielle Jonas Land Their Own Reality Show – ‘Married to Jonas’

The Jonas Brothers are back!! Okay, not really… But one of them is. The eldest of the Jonas Brothers – Kevin Jonas – is making a comeback, but with his wife Danielle Jonas

Bill Kaulitz: TV Comeback With Heidi Klum

Tokio Hotel singer on Germany’s Next Top Model Bill Kaulitz: TV comeback with Heidi Klum The grey jeans are dangling around his skinny legs. The hair is dyed weirdly grey. [There is] heavy make-up on his face. Yes, THAT actually is Bill Kaulitz (22) from Tokio Hotel – on Germany’s Next Top Model. It’s the… More »

Lindsay Lohan Is Making Her Big Return After 6 Years!

With all the drama Lindsay Lohan has been through in the last few years, we couldn’t tell if the 24-year-old troubled actress’ career could be redeemed…

Redlight King Debut Two New Live Videos!

Redlight King have two brand new live performance videos for the tracks ‘Bullet in my Hand’ and ‘Comeback’.

Singer-songwriter Mark Kasprzyk, the man behind Redlight King, gained some recognition by sampling a Neil…

Question of the Day: What’s Something You Wish Would Come Back?

Today is all about naming things that we wish would make a comeback. I am trying to think of stuff but my brain isn’t working right now so here is a photo of a dog…

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