10 Cozy Activities To Do While You’re Stuck Indoors This Winter

We are currently in the midst of the dog days of winter and if you’re anything like me, the cold can make it super hard to want to be productive, especially during a treacherous snowstorm. If you’re prone to boredom striking during those cabin fever days, here are 10 cozy things to do while you’re… More »

The 12 Struggles Of Winter

I have completely had it with winter and it’s only January! The snow, the bitter cold, feeling like the Michelin tire man with some stupid coat on all the time, ugly ass snow boots that don’t even keep my feet warm. The list is endless. There are plenty of things to complain about winter so… More »


On New Years Day we decided to go watch a bunch of crazy people run into the water when it was only in the low 30’s !!! At exactly…

2014 Gift Guide For Men & Women

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….which means it’s time to get shopping for it turns into the most stressful time of the year! Not sure…

The Best Hot Chocolate Recipes!

The cold weather means its time to bust out everyones favorite treat, hot chocolate! Even though i enjoy my classic hot chocolate with whipped cream, i like to spice it up sometimes. Check out some…

BRR! The Polar Vortex Mix

If you’re reading this from someplace warm, I envy you. As I’m sure you’ve all heard, it seems that this “polar vortex” has returned and let me tell you, it has no mercy! It is…


We are still under this deep freeze here but with the sun shining on Wednesday and Thurday the snow is melting off the roof and forming very long icicles some almost to the ground !! We haven’t had gutters put up yet where we had our new portico bulit and that lets the water run… More »

Hot Or Not: Rihanna Is Definitely Cold!

Even New York winters can’t stop Rihanna from flaunting her hot bod. The singer showed a lot of skin in the chilly city, covering up with a jacket that just didn’t look warm enough!

10 Tips for Naturally Staying Alert With Little Sleep

As humans, we tend to become very busy, at times, which gives us less time to sleep and sometimes we just can’t sleep at night.  The next busy day comes and…


So I thought you might like to see what has happened here in 24 hours !!! It’s been quite an experience we are used to snow but this was…

What Chilled Jennifer Lawrence To The Bone?

Jennifer Lawrence is one firey lady – after all, she’s previously shot down rude weight comments and has openly announced her love of Honey Boo Boo. So what got the…


All the leaves are off the trees and they look naked and cold. I photoshopped this one to look a little more interesting. I had a BIG surprise tonight when I was walking past my door I saw something outside. It was a big BUCK eating the corn off my squirrel and bird platform feeder…. More »

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