Designer Spotlight: GiGi New York

Hope you’ve been good this year, because you’re going to want to tell Santa what you really want for Christmas. If you’re in the market for a new purse, handbag, clutch…

To DIY For: Makeover Your Bag With CDs!

There’s no such thing as having too many cute purses in your closet, but it’s important to have one that stands out as super unique! In just a few easy steps you can learn how to use old CDs for personalizing your plain bag or clutch! Check out the tutorial below, and don’t forget to… More »

So Clutch

I love how with clutches you can be so creative because they are basically always wearable…. These are awesome pics for inspiration!

The ‘JoeyBra’

Have you ever gone out and didn’t want to carry a purse with you so you just tucked your phone or keys into your bra? Well, two college students by the name of Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow sure thought they could turn this into a product. According to their YouTube video, the “Joeybra” is… More »

Feathers: How long will they last?

I think the feather trend will however some aspects of feathers in fashion will always be in! I think the trends that will fade will be: -feathers in hair (already dead) -feather tattoos -feather earrings -feather headbands I think the timeless feathers in fashion are: – garments made with feathers -feather PRINT on garments and… More »

What’s In My Bag This Week

Bag: Vintage + I studded it, Rocks: From roadtrips, Ring: Marc Jacobs, Rabbit Foot Thingy: My cats toy, Bodyoil: Orange Blossom, Dreamcatcher: Everglades, Rocky Horror…

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