OH SNAP: Selena Gomez & David Letterman Fist Bump Over Making Justin Bieber Cry

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Maybe I had Selena Gomez all wrong. The baby-faced Disney darling has always come off as the polite and boring type to me, but…

Agyness Deyn’s Newest Collaboration with Dr. Martens

One of my favorite British models, Agyness Deyn, recently collaborated with Dr. Martens for a SS 2013 collection – including clothing, shoes and accessories…

Genuine Talent: Synecdoche Montauk

Meet Synecdoche Montauk! This is a band from Moscow, Russia. These guys are so talented. I’m absolutely thrilled! They have totally unique style. Even if you don’t speak Russian, music should fascinate…

What Big Secret Did Keira Knightley Reveal To Jude Law? (VIDEO)

Actress Keira Knightley is engaged to boyfriend, Klaxons keyboardist James Righton – so why did she admit to Jude Law that she’s cheating?! Relax, Keira isn’t two-timing her…

Will.I.Am Featuring Britney Spears Scream & Shout Clip Leak

What appears to be a clip from Will.I.Am and Britney’s new song, “Scream & Shout” leaked Sunday morning after some sources revealed few details about the music video

New Judges House X Factor Clip

A new clip of Britney talking to Will.I.Am from The X Factor judges house edition hit Will thinks one of the contestants has ~the X factor~ and Brit, agrees, adding she likes to watch him perform. Check it out! Tune into FOX at 8pm for a new episode of The X Factor tonight!

MUSIC NOTES: Paramore Half Way Done With New Album & More

Music notes; because let’s face it, #musicrules

Enjoy these three little nuggets of music news to keep you in the loop including; Paramore‘s album update, The Used new music video, Yellowcard‘s new tour and a new exclusive song from Young…

The Funniest Tokio Hotel GIFs [Part Two]

Here I am with another funny blog about all the best Tokio Hotel gifs, at least the funniest one.

As I said in the first blog, I have tons of gifs about everything, but I…

Music Video: Daley – Alone Together ft. Marsha Ambrosius

Guys, you just should listen to this wonderful artist! His name is Daley. And he’s a British soul singer. He has collaborated with Gorillaz in the song Doncamatic in 2010. Then I noticed him first and fell in love with his voice. So this is Daley’s recent video for the song Alone Together featuring Marsha… More »

Sneak Peek Clip: Which ‘Glee Project’ Contender Can’t Keep Up?

If there’s one thing we love about The Glee Project it’s how diverse the show is: from the contestants to the themes every week, there’s just so much variety. Last…

Buzznet Exclusive: Sneak Peek Of Next Week’s ‘Teen Wolf’ Episode

Now in its second season, MTV’s Teen Wolf is one of TV’s hottest shows. The modern-day reboot of the 1980s flick with the same name sure has fans wanting more: from their…

Total Inspiration: Aura Dione

I love this girl! Aura has sooo wonderful voice and appearance. Also she has an amusing manner of dressing) What do you think? TOO EXTREME or COOL?

Britney Spears – Circus [Scaretale 2012 Version] PREVIEW

Ok guys, after a month I’m here again, this is just a preview of my upcoming new video.I wanna realize a really special Circus music video with some of the best performances on this song during her Circus tour and also with clips from her Circus official music video, backstage and behind the scenes. This… More »

Jennifer Lawrence Really Likes Them Apples In New Clip!

Three more weeks and counting until one of the most highly-anticipated movies hits theaters! Hunger Games fans rejoice: while waiting oh-so-patiently to hand over that midnight…

Happy Valentine’s Day With New Britney Spears Leaks

New Britney music leaks!!! Producer Michelle Bell told fans if she gets enough followers, she’d release a few new tracks from Britney’s mysterious Original Doll album! Check…

EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears New Demo “Secret”

On August 2010, rumors said that Britney’s new album had to be released in November of that year with a previous single released a few of weeks later. The single was called “Secret” and it has been produced by The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo – same producers of “I’m a Slave 4 U”… More »

New Britney’s Demo Clip: “Cheap Cologne”

Check out this newly-leaked demo of a song Britney co-wrote called “Cheap Cologne” with Gary Burr, sung by Jennifer Nikole. Would LOVE to hear Britney’s version!

Music Video: Rihanna – We Found Love

This video makes me crazy! I don’t know how many times I had already reviewed..It’s very close to me. Wonderful RiRi.


Music Video: Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

That’s just an amazing and funny clip! Love it! 

Outfits so resemble my favorite ninetieth..and lovely Katy is so Katy) 


New Clip Leak: Britney sings Madonna’s “Burning up”

A new, small clip of (what sounds like) Britney singing Madonna’s 1980-something track, Burning Up, leaked Wednesday afternoon. Rumor has it she might sing it on her…

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