Song Of The Day: “Classic” by Celeste

Pop singer/songwriter Celeste hails from Birmingham, AL but now resides in Brooklyn, and her “drip hop” sound reflects her big move while combining every genre…

Tell Me Why: Heathers

I’ve been brushing up on my 80’s movie knowledge by renting a lot of the classics on Netflix. So far, I’m in love. The 80’s…

Retro Hairstyles

Retro Hair,Hairdo,Hairstyles.

Styling Actress Vanessa Marano

I had so much fun styling actress Vanessa Marano from the ABC Family hit show Switched at Birth yesterday! I was happy to finally collab with photographer…

Is Music Going Back To Basics?

I absolutely adore music from the earlier years. The whole big band era simply makes me loose my breath. But nothing more magical then music from the 60’s to 80’s. You might remember…

BACK TO THE 70’S …………

This is a new gallery of photos from my time in the 1970’s. I was married in 1969 and I know most of the people here on Buzznet were not even born. I thought it would be nice to show you how life was in those days. You even may see a few photos from… More »

Get To Know: Eklipse

I think at least, everyone of you, knows how much important is music for me and how I respect it and how much dedication I put in it: writing…

Top Fifteen Musical Collaborations : Obscurities Versus Classics

Collaborations. They’re everywhere right now in case you hadn’t noticed. This week alone has revealed the news that super-prolific Patrick Stump had headed into the studio with All Time Low while ATL’s frontman Alex Gaskarth basked in the glory of internet complements following the premiere of his We Are The In Crowd duet. In celebration… More »

My Top 11 Favorite Classic Disney Movie Soundtracks

Recently, I went on a bit of a splurge with Disney Classic movie soundtracks. Below, are the ones I purchased. Hopefully, you remember them. My favorites are the last three; Mulan, The Lion King 2,…

Classy never goes out of style

One of my favorite designs is KATE SPADE Soooo timeless, so classic, so chic 🙂 I just got this Kate Spade bangle in the mail from my boyfriend

summer is love

Li Cari spring/summer 2009 classic fit yellow dress

FASHION in Park City,Utah

Brittany Flickinger wore my Classic Li Cari belt at Sundace in Park City Utah :] Here are a few pictures! enjoy


The classic Li Cari belt can dress up any outfit making…

Stay chic

Hey Buzzzznet friends! 🙂

I hope everyone is having a gorgeous 09 so far! I’ve been working on soo many things this month that I can’t wait to share with youuuuu! including an entire NEW collection…

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