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#FBF My So-Called Life

In 1994, My So-Called Life debuted on television. This teen drama was real, engaging as hell, and introduced us all to both Claire Danes’ amazing wobbling cry chin and the smokin’ hot bad boy played by Jared Leto. As we all scream “Jordan Catalano for life!” it’s wild to think this show only lasted one little… More »

Why My So-Called Life Was The Best Show Of The ’90s

My So-Called Life may be more than 20 years old, but its short-lived run has stood the test of time. With ’90s style being a current staple in closets everywhere, and throwbacks paying homage to those, now vintage, times, there’s no question it’s the best show to come out of this era and here’s 10 reasons why…. More »

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Impressive Roster of Ex-Girlfriends!

He Got Game

Is Leonardo DiCaprio a big fat liar? Because, for a guy who once said, “I prefer ordinary girls — you know, college students…

Zac Posen Spring 2011 Leopard Nails and Diamond Glasses

Photos Via Fashion Bomb Daily…

Remember Me???

There was a day when Claire Danes used to be famous. It was some time in 1998. We’re glad this home-wrecker and untalented hag has slowly faded into obscurity. Despite her homely looks, some people are still… from

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