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The Most Dysfunctional Relationships In Music History

Everyone loves a good Hollywood romance full of drama and passion, but there are some that are so toxic you can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when the relationship ends. Click in to the gallery above for the most dysfunctional relationships to ever exist in music history and be glad you aren’t one… More »

Watch: Kylie Jenner Attacked At Chris Brown’s Concert

Being a celebrity has its major perks, but it’s not without risks as well. Fans and haters can get crazy when they get close to a…

Exclusive Interview: Kid Ink Talks Video Games, Tour & Working With MGK!

Hey Buzz Pals, 

I sat down with the extremely talented, Kid Ink, for an interview for all of YOU! 

We discuss tour, his dream…

Breakdance Breakdown: Luke Broadlick Teaches Us 5 Easy Moves

Ever want to learn to breakdance but had no idea where to start? Well luckily I teamed up with Battle Of The Year and filmed a dance tutorial for that reason exactly!

Exclusive Interview With Youtube Celebrity Keenan Cahill

Hey Buzznet pals,

You may recognize the name Keenan Cahill

Emerging Talent: Mindless Behavior

I have noticed some Buzz going around lately (no pun intended haha!) about this group called Mindless Behavior. Someone had mentioned…

Rihanna & Chris Brown are back together….Abuse Is Not Okay

    In Feburary 2009 the entire world found out that R&B singer Chris Brown had beaten up his girlfriend Rihanna after an arguement.I have never respect him as a human being…

Worst ‘Romantic’ Celebrity Tattoos (VIDEO)

Chris Brown recently got a tattoo of what looks like a battered woman on his neck. Many are saying that the image looks like his ex, Rihanna. While Chris, 23, denies it’s RiRi,…

Chris Brown’s New Tattoo Resembles Rihanna?

Chris Brown recently got a tattoo on his neck and fans have been going crazy trying to figure out what…or who it is. 

The ink depicts…

Music Pills [Week #6 – VMAs 2012 Winners Edition]

This past week VMA’s was the highlight of the screen so why not dedicated this Music Pills serie to three of the winners of the biggest MTV event of the history?

Let’s start with Ri-Ri, Video…

Chris Brown Says He Wants Rihanna Back (VIDEO)

Rihanna‘s interview with Oprah has everyone talking. When the songstress, 24, admitted that she still loves Chris Brown, who was arrested for assaulting her in 2009, everyone had something to say about…

Rihanna Admits She Still Loves Chris Brown (VIDEO)

It’s been over three years since news broke that pop superstar, Rihanna was brutally assaulted by them boyfriend, Chris Brown after a 2009 pre-grammy party. Since that night, both stars have…

Chris Brown And Drake Get Into A Fight At A Club!


Drake and Chris Brown got into quite the fight at a club last night (Wednesday) in NYC. It was first reported by <a href=""…

Rihanna Abruptly Ends Interview When Asked A Personal Question

While in Australia, Rihanna agreed to an interview for the TV show ‘Sunrise.” Everything seemed to be going well until Rihanna was asked a personal question. It wasn’t exactly a direct question, though the interviewer was hoping for a response. Rihanna has been getting really tired of personal questions especially regarding who she is dating…. More »

Rihanna Set To Reunite With Chris Brown Onstage In Australia?

If Rihanna and Chris Brown‘s fans were riled up by the former couple’s musical reunion, they’re in for some big news: RiRi and Chris are…

Why Is Chris Brown Robbing His Fans?

He may have been forgiven by his fans for his raging ways, but Chris Brown isn’t one to stay out of the spotlight for very long.…

March Music Madness: Album Releases

March is looking like a very eclectic month of music. With debut album, re-releases and long awaited follow-up albums (ahem, Madonna) — March will provide a plethora of new tunes. Whether you like pop music, rock, or hip-hop – March has something for everyone’s ears. Check out this gallery of March release dates and comment… More »

Chris Brown Gets Mauled By Unlikely Rihanna Fan

Chris Brown has definitely learned the hard way that you don’t MESS with Rihanna fans! The 23-year-old R&B crooner, who is better known for beating his ex-girlfriend…

Why Did Katy Perry Call Rihanna A Hoodrat?

Katy Perry and Rihanna‘s very public friendship has been so endearing. After all, the singing sirens seem to have one another’s backs: RiRi very much supported

Rihanna’s Producer Confirms Chris Brown Is Not Getting a Cut of ‘Cake’

The past couple weeks have been crazy for R&B singer Chris Brown. He was the center of attention (well, besides Adele) at the February 12th Grammy Awards, which sparked…

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