5 Reasons Why Physical Copies of Music Still Matter

What was the last album you bought that wasn’t downloaded? Do you still have the CDs you collected as a child? Don’t look guilty. Even…

The Influx Of Lyric Videos

For the past few years, lyric videos have become a must for practically every artist and a companion to the music video. When they first started to pop up on YouTube, I thought they’d be…

To DIY For: Makeover Your Bag With CDs!

There’s no such thing as having too many cute purses in your closet, but it’s important to have one that stands out as super unique! In just a few easy steps you can learn how to use old CDs for personalizing your plain bag or clutch! Check out the tutorial below, and don’t forget to… More »

Why Music Will Never Die.

With a cloud of doom cast over HMV, the future of physical music is in doubt but perhaps many are unnecessarily eager…

WIN: British Invasion Prize Pack Giveaway!!

Hey Buzznetters! If you’re as cool as WE think you are, then you love British music…because who doesn’t? Since we love you, we are teaming up with The British Invasion to give you some of the best music the UK ever created! You’ll get CD’s from the likes of The Spice Girls, Duran Duran, Lily… More »


When I look up at my desk this is one of the things I see. Ville’s eye, Timmy the spider with his eyes and Croaky the frog with his eyes also. I never feel alone !!!! LOL View in full size original ~

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