#FBF 7 Halloween Movies to Revisit

The countdown to Halloween continues! As you put the finishing touches on your costume and tell yourself you won’t touch another piece of bite-sized candy until the big day, you’ve got to find other ways to get into the spirit. Here’s our list of amazing themed movies that always bring the spooky hype. What’s your… More »

Exclusive: Beau “Casper” Smart Talks About His New Show With JLo!

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Beau “Casper” Smart sat down with me and gave us all the important and exciting details of his new TV show called ‘A Step Away‘. Beau was the co creator…


I passed this one day but I didn’t stop to take a photo. On Monday I stopped to get a few photos. I kind of liked it with this photoshop effect. I know I missed Squirrely Wednesday but it will be coming up maybe on Friday 😀

Cha Cha Slide

Not sure what’s funnier, the part where the kid sizes his dad up (:50), or the part where this is a McDonalds commercial for apples and caramel sauce. Apple Dipper or Ronald’s finger fresh out of the bung hole? Nutrition Facts: McDonalds Low Fat Caramel Sauce. Casper :: “Cha Cha Slide” (mp3) from

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