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Cash Colligan: Back in Action

Fans were both saddened and stunned when Cash Colligan, bassist and co-founder of The Cab, announced he was leaving the band to pursue other opportunities.  He’s stayed active, continuing to manage

Help The Cab Save the Mule!

The boys from The Cab just don’t have mucflip their van while traveling through Wisconsinh luck when it comes to traveling.  Last February while touring with Cobra Starship, the boys

Alex DeLeon Posts New Song Preview on His Blog!

Alex “Singer” DeLeon of The Cab has kept fans pretty amused with his updates to his blog at Tumblr.  He’s used it to discuss touring as well as the thoughts, feelings and meanings

The Cab @ Mr. Small’s Theatre 3/4/09

They “bounce bounce”d their way through my neck of the woods on the Secret Valentine Tour, so I snapped some pictures. THIS IS NOT ALL OF THEM YET. I am uploading as I get them edited, so keep watching out for more!

The Cab go to Denny’s

Until they’ve threatened to glue stuff to each other, I think the Pittsburgh crowd still wins this contest. I don’t know what the contest is, to be fair. Or what the prize is. Is there a prize? And why haven’t The Cab threatened to glue stuff to Cash already? …milkshakes are AWESOME.

Check Out Cash Colligan’s Blogizzle

Okay, so you’re already reading the Tumblrs being updated by Pete Wentz, Travis McCoy, William Beckett and Panic at the Disco, right?  Well, if not, go do that right now.  And…

Travis McCoy And Alex DeLeon Show Off New Tattoos

So, a few days after his now-infamous “break-up” post, Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes posted a video of himself getting new ink in Charlotte, NC.

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Panic at the Disco: ‘Northern Downpour’ Video Premiere by the End of the Week

Ever since Panic at the Disco told Buzznet‘s own Breesays they had a video for “Northern Downpour” in the works, fans have been waiting (im)patiently for news. And while we did just

Your New Fav Band: The Cab

Last night I attended the not-so-secret Fall Out Boy show at Chain Reaction. They were playing under the name Switchblades & Infidelity. I got there a little after doors opened and…

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