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Celebs With Perfectly Pink V-Day Hair

In six short days, the entire universe will explode into a beautiful rainbow of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, long-stemmed roses, and overpriced prix fixe dinner menus. Before you throw in the towel and attempt to boycott Valentine’s Day so you can watch eight straight hours of Winter Olympics coverage, try to turn off your shade and… More »

Miranda Kerr and Cara Delevigne at Paris Fashion Week

Miranda Kerr and  Cara Delevigne at Paris Fashion Week

Party girls: Cara Delevigne and Miranda Kerr seemed to be having fun after…

Style Profile: Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is the rare kind of model that you almost don’t entirely hate for being so beautiful and perfect because she also seems like the kind of person you’d totally want to be best friends with: cool, goofy, and with a totally unique take on fashion. The 20 year-old British beauty with the covetable… More »

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