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Lauren Berger Shares Her Favorite Halloween Candy!

Here are some cute “This OR That” questions from Buzznet! Are YOU throwing a Halloween party, or attending one this year?


Fruity candy OR chocolate?


Lauren Berger Shares Her Favorite Halloween Tradition

Buzznet sent me these fun Halloween questions! I hope you guys enjoy them!


What is the scariest memory you have from Halloween?…

Winds of Plague Get Ready for Halloween with The Rave and R. Kelly

Johnny of Winds of Plague sat down with us to talk all things spooky, told us where his unsettled ghost would roam and what his most terrifying life moment…

Candy Corn Blitz

Joey is on leave from Coast Guard and he’s coming to visit tomorrow!
going to China Jade and Jason’s Party
should be fun
with pics and video to post ahaha


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