Britney Spears On The New Star Magazine Issue

Star Magazine tries to stay relevant by rehashing Britney’s dark times in 2007 thanks to the defamation lawsuit brought on by Sam Lutfi. Star says Britney having to hear about these painful memories may send her into another downward spiral. “She has been freaking out and crying nx, locking herself in her room,” says a… More »

Wendy Williams Latest Britney Blabber

Wendy Williams is at it again, talking about Brit Brit. For the most part, she says nice things about Britney (this time), and slams Devi Lovato after reports surfaced the two are at war with each other. Gurl please, Britney is the queen and let’s nothin get under her skin. Besides bad auditions!

Wendy Williams Says Again: Get Britney Off X Factor

Sound familiar? Wendy Williams loves to talk about Britney’s role on X Factor, and though she wants us to believe she’s got our girl’s back, it’s just not coming off that way. She opens up again on her latest show about Brit Brit. Yes, we get it that you want to protect Britney and not… More »

TMZ Talks Trash About Britney Spears

TMZ’s television segment talked about Britney on X Factor on Wednesday. They detail the latest news about the…

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