WATCH: Behind The Scenes Of Eden xo’s Video “Too Cool To Dance”!

Hey Buzznet!

I’m so excited to share the behind the scenes from my new music video, “Too Cool To Dance” with you guys! 

I had…

Insta Party Friday: Behind The Scenes & Mermaid Dreams!

Happy Friday, Moon Babies! I’ve been stepping up my Instagram game for you guys – So, if you don’t already, you can follow my IG HERE! You’ll see tons of mermaid-esque things from over the past couple weeks…Ever since creating the magickal Ocean visuals for the “Worlds Apart” video (stay tuned 😛 ) I think… More »

PHOTOS: ‘Worlds Apart’ Release Party With Kerli & Seven Lions!

Last weekend I had the honor and the pleasure to join my friend Seven Lions on stage for his EP release party in LA. Jeff is one of my favorite producers and it’s been incredible to collaborate on creating these intricate soundscapes with him. We also have a music video in store for you guys… More »

Show Off Your First Day Of School Outfit To Be Featured

For me, the first day of school was always very exciting. I had my outfit prepared a week in advance and back to school shopping was at the top…

Becky G Music Video BTS

Yesterday i stopped by my little cousin Becky G‘s music video set to hang out support and bring her some new gear. She is currently signed to the infamous Dr. Luke, and this is the second video she is recording with him after the very successful “Becky from the Block” video with JLo. As you… More »

Behind The Scenes Of Cher Lloyd’s “With Ur Love” Video Shoot

Hello Buzzers,

To all you music fans who love getting the inside scoop and BTS footage…here is a video for YOU. If you haven’t heard of the talented singer, Cher Lloyd, I…

BTS Of The TenEleven Photoshoot!

Here is a sneak peek from the TenEleven Clothing Photoshoot I helped put together with some awesome friends! Check out the clothes and stay tuned for the full photshoot!

BUZZNET Exclusive: BTS Look At The Cab’s New Music Video For “Endlessly”

Check out an exclusive look at behind the scenes photos from The Cab’s new music video!

Just back from a tour with Maroon 5, The Cab are set…

Lola Blanc’s Buzzmaker Chalk Board Photo Shoot!

Hey guys! I went to the Buzznet headquarters the other day for a fun back-to-school photo shoot with Cameron Rad! My friend and fellow Buzzmaker Jessi Jae Joplin stepped in for a few shots as well – check it out!

Back To School With Your Favorite Stars

Do you think you could guess who’s old school photos these are?!?! We barely could! Stars like Travis Clark from We The Kings, the guys in Boys Like Girls, and more sent us their school photos to share with you! Also, teenage country-stars Jenny and Ashley share what their personal school style is for this… More »

Celebrities Love Dr. Martens

When Doc Martens were first introduced in the early 1960s they were all about comfort, practicality and the timeless design of the boot. Rad subcultures began to adopt the boot style and by the 1970s they were popular among the mods, glam, punks, ska, psychobillies, Goths, hardcore, straight-edge, grunge, Britpop, AKA everyone that is cool…. More »

Back To School – Nail Inspiration

Back to school nail inspiration<3 Nails. So irrelevant but every time I get them done right, I feel a little extra sass. Check out this colorful gallery of my favorite back to school nail ideas + show off some of your own in the comments <3 One Love, k

13 Schools We Wish Really Existed

Now that school is back in session, it’s time for classes, homework, tests and team practice. Don’t you sometimes wish that school was like the movies, where class was only a filler and the rest of the time was hanging out with friends and engaging in a bit (or a lot!) of drama? Here are… More »

21 Sweet Back To School Cupcakes

School is now in session for most students attending high school and higher education. While the end of summer freedom is a major bummer, back to school is an amazing time of starting new chapters! Back to school got you down? Check out these 21 tasty back to school-themed cupakes!

Dealing With Mean Girls…Because There Will Always Be Mean Girls

As the new school year rolls around we know we all have to deal with certain people who just aren’t very nice. Call them “mean girls” or “mean guys” or “bullies”, they are always around and always up to no good. When I was in school, I had my encounters with certain people who weren’t… More »

Easy And Creative Microwave Recipes

With back to school time here, for some it means a new living situation. One of the best things about college is living on your own in a dorm: no parents, no curfew and freedom – including the freedom to eat whatever you want! Most of the time those who dorm get a meal plan,… More »

Homeschooled? Stay Positive and Social!

I love hearing stories from students who are homeschooled. They have such unique experiences and being that I went to public school – I find the stories fascinating! One question I’m always asked is, “How can I make sure to stay social and feel “included” while homeschooling?” In this blog, I set out to answer… More »

Ashlee Holmes Talks About High School Relationships

Hey! So, BUZZNET sent me over a few questions to answer for your guys about high school, relationships and crushes. Check out what I had to say below: 

Current Fashion Trends To Wear Back To School

Hey guys, So we have all been posting a bunch of amazing back to school themed stuff here at Buzznet so I wanted to post some current fashion trends I have been hearing about that are perfect for back to school! Check out the gallery that will hopefully help inspire you for your crucial first… More »

Flashback Friday: 10 Movies To Get You Pumped To Go Back To School!

Summer is coming to an end and back to school time is here. But before you groan about returning to 8:00am classes and teachers and books, just think about the awesome stuff…

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