Trend to Try: Oil Slicked Hair Color For Brunettes

Brunettes everywhere have begrudgingly stood on the sidelines as their lighter colored hair pals have worked hair color trends like the ombre, lavender fairy look, and granny gray. Since it’s too damaging and entirely too much work to keep roots looking legit, most brunettes (myself included) have just ignored passing hair color trends knowing we… More »

Blondes Vs. Brunettes

As we’ve all seen, celebs like to change ther hair style and color often to spice things up, but which color fits them best? Check out the gallery below and let us know who you think looks better as a blonde or brunette!

50 Brunettes Who Rock The World

Who says blondes have more fun? These are the top 50 dark-haired ladies of the last four decades who’ve proven that women can rock, and they can rock well. Click through the gallery to see the top 50 brunettes that rock, and don’t be afraid to tell me: Who’s your favorite? And did I miss… More »

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