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Buzz Bites: Justin Bieber Got Naked And Kanye Is Still Being An A-hole

Hey Thursday…you sure got here fast. Let’s see what’s buzzing online to kick off the day… The Internet is freaking out because Bella Hadid is wearing a ring on her left ring finger, and now there’s a shit ton of rumors running around that she’s engaged to The Weeknd. Kanye West let his inner asshole… More »

Best and Worst Dressed At The Brit Awards

The fashion at the Brit Awards was so much over the top than the Grammys and I love it! Jessie J killed it and Florence looked gorgeous… Who do you think looked best??? xx

Brit Awards 2012: Best and Worst Dressed

Best and worst dressed. My BEST dressed goes to Florence Welch and Pixie Lott. Classic and beautiful. Honestly I don’t have a worst dressed for first time ever! America needs to step it up, these outfits are so much better than the Grammy’s! Who’s your best/worst dressed?

Style Profile: Jessie J @ Brit Awards 2012

I know, I already did a Jessie J profile gallery, but this is really special because I’m freaking in love with her outfits and look at Brit Awards 2012 where she won Critic’s Choice Award. She’s simply gorgeous and damn, she’s like a Goddess! Her curly hair is so bright, her make up is perfect… More »

Rihanna & The Klaxons perform @ ’08 Brit Awards

Music Stuff 2/15

Brit Award Winners. (Musicslut)Kanye’s Mom is writing a book. (NME)Coachella is sold out! (billboard)NIN is trying to be like AFI. (PopCandy)The Academy Is… needs fans for their video shoot. (absolutepunk)

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