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Monday Morning Box Office: Jon Heder Fulfills Mission To Become Hottest Second Banana In Hollywood

You spent the weekend in an alcohol-induced coma that helped to blot out the mentally scarring memories of the previous five days; unfortunately, you’ve awakened just in time for another week of humiliation and pain, with nothing but the box office numbers to cling to in this hour of desperation. 1….

Monday Morning Box Office: Turtle Resurrection

It’s the last Monday in March and you think you’ve finally adjusted to daylight savings time. High five the guy in the cubicle to your right and reward yourself with a quick trip through the…

Monday Morning Box Office: ‘Hogs’ Shatters Opening Weekend Record For Cynical ‘City Slickers’ Knock-Offs

It’s time once again to soothe the festering wounds of the weekend by slathering ourselves in the miraculous, healing unguent of the box office numbers: (Also: SANJAYA 4-EVER, motherfuckers!) 1. Wild Hogs–$38 million Buena Vista’s marketing department… from

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