The X Factor Episode 8 Recap: Boot Camp Begins

Tonight bootcamp continues with Talent vs. Talent

Tara Simon vs. Jennel Garcia

Jennel would like to have a song in her style.


No Second Chances, Or You Stand Up Or You Go Home – The X Factor Episode 7

This week it’s bootcamp in Miami.

The first shots are about our contestant who’s greeting their parents.

They have to go in Miami for bootcamp and it will be really hard…

July 27, 2012 – Britney Heading To Her Last Day Of Bootcamp

July 24, 2012 – Britney Heads To Second Day Of Bootcamp

Britney headed to day two of Bootcamp for The X Factor in Miami wearing the same outfit as the day before, similarly to how judges wore the same outfits to multiple days of auditions. And I gotta say, she’s GORGEOUS! Paparazzi spotted her leaving her hotel heading to Bootcamp and when she was there. Check… More »

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