George Takei Should Be Broadway’s Spiderman

So, the Spiderman musical Turn Off the Dark is becoming somewhat legendary in its complete and utter fail. Despite having millions of dollars dumped into the production, music by Bono and The Edge of U2…

The Evolution of Bono

A young boy from Dublin turned international super star with a heart of gold. We’ve watched him rock the mullet, we’ve joined his (RED) campaign, and we still can’t seem to get enough of this man! This is the Evolution of Bono.

“Spiderman: the Musical” Actually Happening

Comic books are quickly taking over Hollywood.  Between this past year’s hits Iron Man and The Dark Knight and with a highly anticipated movie adaptation of Watchmen in the…

Ebert’s Law or Shut Your Pie Hole and Deal

There’s this idea of the cult of nice in this world.  It seems that in a lot of ways we believe that equality means that nobody should ever be criticized for anything, mistakes shouldn’t be…

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