Artist Of The Month: Birdy

I know I say this every month but….is it seriously June? Already?! We have a great Artist Of The Month for ya, though!


EXCLUSIVE: Birdy On Her New Music & More

Birdy is a sensational singer/songwriter, who at the age of 17, has already found huge success in the UK and has had her music featured on American television. Known initially for her beautiful covers…

Playlist: Relaxation for Bedtime

When lying in your bed at night, after a long, busy, stressful, day going to bed can be hard with so many thoughts rambling through your head. When this happens to me, what tends to…

My Favorite Discoveries of 2012

I’ve been going through all of my posts from this past year and I can’t believe how many bands I’ve featured! Some I’ve known forever while others I blog about the second I’m hooked. Here are my favorite musical discoveries of 2012 along with two other very important things. 😉 What are your favorites? Also… More »

Get To Know: The xx

There’s been a lot of buzz in the blogosphere about a band called The xx. I just recently sat myself down and dived into both of their albums on…

Birdy To Release ‘Live In London’ EP

Teen songstress Birdy has been creating quite a buzz with her soulful piano-driven covers on her self-titled debut album. Today she announced that she will be releasing a live EP titled “Live In…

30 Days Song Challenge: Day 1

I always loved this kind of projects, and I thought to start mine, inspiring me with 30 Days Song Challenge of my dear friend Ruby. Every day I will try to post a video…

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