Bebe Recruits Naven Twins For Fresh New Campaign!

California based brand, bebe, has recently teamed up with The Naven Twins for its latest collaboration: bebe x Naven… and it’s AMAZING! The Naven Twins (Kym and Alexis McClay) put their signature aesthetic into the collection of dresses, jumpers, rompers, and matching sets geared towards the ultimate fashion forward gal.  Naven was established in Los… More »

Buzznet Exclusive: Bebe Rexha Mashup “Diamonds In The MidNight” (Rihanna X M83)

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Our Amazing Buzzmaker Bebe Rexha just released a new mash for “Diamonds” by Rihanna and M83’sMidnight City“! Check out the…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Bebe Rexha Mashup “Diamonds In The MidNight” (Rihanna X M83)

Our Amazing Buzzmaker Bebe Rexha just released a new mash for “Diamonds” by Rihanna and M83’sMidnight City“! Check out the amazing new track and make sure to download it and

10 Year Old Girl Writes A Letter About Gay Marriage To President Obama,And He Responds!

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This story tugged at my heartstrings. 10 year-old Sophia Bailey-Klugh had previously written a letter to President Obama, inviting him to her home for dinner. Although…

Must Listen: Sink Or Swim Featuring Bebe Rexha

This week Pierce Fulton released a new song titled Sink Or Swim Featuring the vocals of our very own Buzzmaker Bebe Rexha!! Bebe’s vocals on the track are amazing, her…

Bebe Presents Their Spring 2013 Black Collection Presentation

New York Fashion Week has been a whirlwind of hot designs and extremely cool clothes. It’s been overwhelming week of fun and fashion so we didn’t want to forget to share our time at the Bebe Black Collection Presentation! Held in the meatpacking district of NYC, fashionistas flocked to see the Spring collection of stunning… More »

Bebe Rexha Is A Problem Child

Bebe Rexha’s latest smash single “Problem Child” featuring DJ Ezon has been released spontaneously today. “Problem Child” follows her latest release of “Ride Till You Die” which has gained much attention from the blogs. “My new song is for the misunderstood. The kids that felt like they were never good enough. It’s for the people… More »

Dear Justin Bieber: Bebe Rexha Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

Wow my jaw literally dropped when I heard this cover of “Boyfriend” by Bebe Rexha. I heard someone in the Buzzmedia offices reading the lyrics out loud one…

Bebe Rexha: Style Inspiration Part 2!

Hello all! This week i thought i would share more pictures of the lovely Bebe Rexha! Did all of you download “Champagne“? I hope so if not STOP everything you’re doing and click HERE! This song gives me chills it’s so good! As we all patiently await more of her new music, I thought we… More »

Bebe Rexha Goes Pink!

Bebe goes pink, what do you think about this Queen Bees new hair style? this girl can do no wrong she has an amazing eye for fashion! Buzzzz it if you love it :]

Fashion Inspiration: Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha has just joined Buzznet, in celebration of her joining the family i wanted to share my favorite Bebe Rexha looks over the last few years, this girl has mad style! Check them out and BUZZ it if you love Bebe! Twitter Facebook Tumblr

People You Need To Know: Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha is a recording artist from New York best known for her work as front woman for Black Cards (ft. Pete Wentz). The world needs…

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