Tunes-day Tuesday: Emerging Band COIN

Happy Tuesday Tunes-day!

As i’m sure you are catching on to, I LOVE getting to share local Nashville music with you guys!! There is…

BTK App – Video #67

Tom: A Little Weird But So Cute!!! A strange relationship between dogs and bears.Taken from the show “Jailed Polar Bear” on


MY OH MY !!!! When is PEEP’S going to stop making more things for Tiny Mr.Potato Head and Peter to massacre ? They really took out the big tools for this one 😀 View in full size original, but I hope this isn’t disturbing for anyone 😀

QOTD – Who would win in a fight?

Today’s QOTD is pretty simple and straight forward: Who would win in a fight?

Velociraptor with a jet pack and scissors

Or a bear on shark with an automatic weapon –

p.s- this is…

Like ‘Kung Fu Panda,’ but REAL (and minus Jack Black)

What do this bear and Keanu Reeves have in common?

They know kung fu.

This guy, by the name of Cloud, lives in the Hiroshima zoo.  But we can only assume…

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