Hot or Not: Kylie Jenner With Bangs

In the adventures of Kylie Jenner‘s ever changing hairstyles, the newly minted 18-year-old took to Instagram donning a very current looking Nefertiti style wig complete with heavy…

Red Carpet Hair Updo Inspiration for Awards Season

What should I do with my hair for the rest of award season? So far I rocked the slicked hair trend, and this week I’ll be at the Critics Choice awards, and the SAG awards and then followed by the Grammy Awards. I’ve been looking for inspiration that I can use for my red carpet… More »

The Best Celeb Bangs Of All Time

I can’t get enough of amazing gals like Audrey Hepburn and Zooey Deschanel for endless reasons…mostly can we talk about how perfect their bangs are?! Un real right? I swear in every picture it is like they have placed ever so perfectly no matter what they are doing. Some people can’t seem to pull off… More »

june inspirations!

things I like and i love. nails,hats,shoes,colored hair & more.

The Greatest BANGS Of All Time!!

True story: In 2010 Christina and I sat down and she manifested pretty much her entire career and new single with Jason Mraz, and I manifested really great bangs. Bangs, Bangs, Bangs, I love them. I want them again. Chop, Chop, Chop. Show me your bangs army? oh my. What if bangs were like the… More »

BANGS.. a mustache for your forehead

So… I can’t decide if I should cut some bold bangs or not… thoughts?

Banging Bangs

So I’m at that place that we all get to periodically where we hate everything about our hair and if we don’t change something we will die of abject boredom (other people experience this right? right?). After a misguided dip-dying attempt (my temples are now a weird purple/blonde/black mix that make me look like some… More »

Hot or Not?: Clip-On Bangs

Urban Outfitters has finally come up with a solution for those
who don’t have bangs, yet wish they did. 

Clip-On Bangs.
100% human hair. 

You know, like extentions… or weave.…

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