EXCLUSIVE: Tokio Hotel Are Back With “Run, Run, Run” Single

Hello my dear Buzzneters,

prepare hankies and be ready to goose bumps because the new single of Tokio Hotel will leave you a deep sign in your heart and soul.

The band after five years…

MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: A Good Big World feat. Christina Aguilera ‘Say Something’

It’s been an exclusive of ET, some hours ago, that has been the first to release the official music video of this amazing song.

I’m talking about the…

Britney Spears “Gasoline” Ballad Version Remix

Check out this awesome fan-made ballad remix of “Gasoline” from Exhale member Divazzy.

“He About To Lose Me” Ballad Remix

Now that “He About To Lose Me” is permanently cut from the Femme Fatale Tour, I hope this song come back soon in the setlist of the tour, because it’s simply fantastic and the performance was gorgeous. Check out this awesome “He About To Lose Me” ballad remix made by a BreatheHeavy member, there’s also… More »

Bill, I’m gonna give you my heart until it beats no more

Ok, this is my first video after such a long time. I fell in love of this song since the beginning, since the first time I listened it and I think it’s my fav about J.Lo… and I really reflect myself in it because it’s the story of my life when i was down because… More »

30 Days Song Challenge: Day 4

Day 4 – Yesterday it was the last show of Italy’s Got Talent and waiting for the result, there were two amazing guests: Alessandra Amoroso and Emma Marrone, two wonderful Italian girls with…

For my angel: Until It Beats No More

When I bought LOVE? album of Jennifer Lopez, I fell in love with this song since the first second, reading the text, I discovered that this song talks about my story and my love for Bill. It talks about us! I was down for the count Feeling like Ive come to the end Nothing really… More »

Jennifer Milan – Beside Me

Her first single during AMICI tv show I was really addicted to this song at the end of 2008 I love the words and she’s awesome! Thoughts? xo

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