Holiday Gift Guide: Bags That Are Sure To Make You Jolly

Being a purse-fanatic, I always have atleast two or three purses on my holiday wish list. From designer to Forever 21, I love all and any types of bags. Check out some of my favorites for the holiday that you can give someone special (or ask for for yourself)

Fashion Time: Animal Bags

Whoop! Whoop! Fashion makes us happy so now I have amazing surprise to you! I discovered an awesome bags designed by Ben from Hong Kong! He created buzzneting animal bags, pillows…

8 Tips To Personalize Your School Uniform

Having to go back to school is already bad enough, but for some people, what makes…

12 Backpacks That Will Make School Rule

I love backpacks! Heading back to school is always more fun when you have a new packpack to show off as you walk down the halls. Here are some I am into for BTS 2013.

Ordinary Urban Life Bags From Zupagrafika


Do you love handbags??

Vans Spring 2013 Women’s Apparel Lookbook

When this lookbook came out we here at Buzznet were thrilled! We are all huge fans of Vans shoes and apparel so we couldn’t wait to take a flip through and see what was in store for us for the spring. Vans never fails to let us down with their cool style. They have amazing… More »

So Clutch

I love how with clutches you can be so creative because they are basically always wearable…. These are awesome pics for inspiration!

Baby Got Back… To School!

Ahh, the worst month of the year… BACK TO SCHOOL! With me starting my Sophomore year this year, my main focus is finding the cutest backpack ever. I needed some inspiration for backpacks and decided to create a gallery! I swear, I want every backpack from Urban Outfitters… so CUTE! I actually ordered the Oxford… More »

The Perfect Fashionista Bag For Warped Tour!

The countdown for Warped Tour has begun (17 more days) and you can’t go to Warped without a backpack! Most people just bring those drawstring backpacks to throw merch and autographs and to keep water bottles and other things inside. But i know us fashionista’s can’t stand a non-trendy bag, so i’ve come up with… More »

Chanel Goes Punk With Alice Dellal For New Collection

Karl Lagerfeld chose punk rock model Alice Dellal as the new face for the collection Boy Chanel! I think she is the perfect fit and I can’t get over how killer these bags are. Chanel with a punk twist… who would of thought! Do you have a favorite? Im leaning towards to pink and black… More »

What To Wear To Coachella: Bags

It’s that time again pals. That time where people from all over the country gather in a field in the middle of the desert, all for one reason: to show off their awesome fashion. Oh also I guess to see some live music, and buy $20 hamburgers and $5 waters, but mostly for the clothes…. More »

What’s In Bebe Rexha’s Bag

Reblogged from beberexha

Hey Guys! I’ve been traveling a lot this month working on my new music and I thought I’d take a min to show you what’s in my…

Did Snooki Steal Alexander McQueen’s Design?

Oh, Snooks, we never thought we’d ever put your name alongside the great Alexander McQueen, but guess there’s always a first in everything. Apparently, the preggers Snooki recently launched…

Trend Spotting with Sylvs – Leather Edition

I cannot say it enough, this winter is all about

Now you don’t want to be all leathered up like Jimmy Fallon, just add in some key leather pieces…

Autumn’s Shopping: Fur’s Signatures

Hot details for ankle boots, boots and bags coldproof


Autumn’s Shopping: Extra Chic Details

From lead grey to deep black: the nuance more “in” to wear at your feet, over the shoulder or handheld.


I’m addicted to… – Week #5

Tootsie Rolls (my friend Celine just sent me another pack xp), incense, Britney Spears’ Blackout…

7 Hot Bags For Spring

I think everyone of you can’t live without bag! Personally I have a lot of bags, of all the types and forms, I prefer overall the big bags, the suitcase bags, like my mum uses…

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