12 Backpacks That Will Make School Rule

I love backpacks! Heading back to school is always more fun when you have a new packpack to show off as you walk down the halls. Here are some I am into for BTS 2013.

Fashionistas Of Warped Tour: The Perfect Bag

Hey Fashionistas! This week is all about the perfect bag for Warped Tour! I know I hate lugging my purse around and making people hold it is out of the question. For me, I have to take my DSLR and tripod for work but there’s a few dates where I can carry a light bag…. More »

Would You Pay $55,000 For The Olsen Twins’ Backpack?

We may now know why the Olsen Twins have a combined net worth at $100 million since they’re charging $55,000 for backpacks! Made out of…

Pack It Up, Pack It In: Backpacks For Back-To-School

It’s that time again! For olds like me it just means that Fall TV is about to be back (hurrah!) and that I can dust off my prized leather jackets, but for those of you in junior high, high school, or college, it’s time to start thinking about heading back to class. While it certainly… More »

Baby Got Back… To School!

Ahh, the worst month of the year… BACK TO SCHOOL! With me starting my Sophomore year this year, my main focus is finding the cutest backpack ever. I needed some inspiration for backpacks and decided to create a gallery! I swear, I want every backpack from Urban Outfitters… so CUTE! I actually ordered the Oxford… More »

My Favorite Summer Backpacks!

So, I am leaving in TWO WEEKS to tour through Italy and Greece with my mom. I cannot believe that after YEARS of talking about taking this trip together that we are actually going! I am SO SO SO SO SO happy! I’ve been searching for a cool, sporty and light backpack for the journey,… More »

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