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Evolution Of The Lunch Box

With summer coming to an end and back to school time swiftly coming up, it’s time for those attending school to gather their school supplies. One must-have for every student of all ages? A lunch box! Remember your school lunch box when you were a kid? From the cute plastic boxes with the matching thermos… More »

Fashionable Back to School Backpacks

Since I’m going back to school in less then a month I’ve been looking for a cute, fashionable backpack to buy for the new school year. These are a some of the cute, fashionable backpacks I came across on various websites. Leave a comment on which one you think I should get. XoXo, Katelyn

Robert Downey Jr.’s 11 Best Roles: Happy Birthday RDJ!

There are many reasons we love Robert Downey Jr., but out of all of them, his acting talent takes the top spot! Once upon a time not that…

Back To School With The Cab: The BAD Boys

Reblogged from The Cab

Just about everyone should be back in school this week, and to help you get over the pain of doing homework again, The Cab are sharing…

Back To School at Brandy Melville With Dani Vitale + GIVEAWAY!

My favorite thing when I was in school, was going back to school shopping with my mom. The other day I got to do it with Mandy Jiroux and Keltie Colleen! Way more fun. We went to Brandy Melville in Santa Monica which is one of my favorite stores to shop at! We all got… More »

Back To School With Ocean Grove’s John Taylor: The Class President

Ocean Grove‘s John Taylor wants to get you ready to head back to school! The guitarist is sharing with Buzznet some of his high school memories and revealing how he spent his school days. Also…

Back To School With Swimming With Dolphins’ Austin Tofte

What were your extracurricular activities? (band, drama club, sports?)

I dabbled in Soccer, Basketball and Yearbook maybe a little Choir as well.

What was your high school’s mascot?

We were The Warriors!


Back to School With Lights Over Paris: Girl Drama Galore

Buzznet had been extracting stories from all your fave musicians with the intent of easing any back to school blues you may have. Lights Over Paris’ Robb University has a few for us–check out this video…

Back to School: Celebrity School Photos

There are a number of things that students dread when going back to school: homework, reading lists, certain teachers… and the dreaded school picture day. While some may love that day, there are more that tend to loathe that day – and rightfully so! Just think: that one photo taken on one day of the… More »

What’s Your Back to School Look? Show Us!

What Are You Wearing group member shoodoowop: ADORBS

It’s that time of year again. More pencils, more books, and way more teachers’ dirty looks. We know you’re busting…

Question of the Day: What Do You Want To Accomplish During This School Year?

Has your school year started yet? Is it about to? Are you ready? Do you wish you didn’t have to go or do you like school/uni? I obviously have a lot of questions for you…

Mood Board: Back to School Style Inspiration!

I’m about to schlep myself (and two giant suitcases) back to Boston for school, so I’m tryin SO HARD to not buy clothes until I get there so that I don’t accumulate even more items…

Back To School Fashion Must Haves

Hey guys, Since I made a back to school supplies gallery I figured it is only necessary to make a gallery for must haves of fashion. These are things to inspire you for when you go school shopping, get creative! Also here are some questions on my high school fashion memories! What is one thing… More »

QOTD – How Do You Prepare For Going Back To School?

Some of you are already back in school and some of you are almost there. Going back to school isn’t the most fun thing in the world but hey, at least you normally get new…

Marialia’s Favorite Fashions for Back to School

what was your biggest back to school fashion disaster??


i can’t believe summer’s more than half over already.  im sure alot of you are already thinking about back…

Back to school with Paramore

“Remember kids,Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” lol -Gracie

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