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Celebrities Love Dr. Martens

When Doc Martens were first introduced in the early 1960s they were all about comfort, practicality and the timeless design of the boot. Rad subcultures began to adopt the boot style and by the 1970s they were popular among the mods, glam, punks, ska, psychobillies, Goths, hardcore, straight-edge, grunge, Britpop, AKA everyone that is cool…. More »

13 Schools We Wish Really Existed

Now that school is back in session, it’s time for classes, homework, tests and team practice. Don’t you sometimes wish that school was like the movies, where class was only a filler and the rest of the time was hanging out with friends and engaging in a bit (or a lot!) of drama? Here are… More »

21 Sweet Back To School Cupcakes

School is now in session for most students attending high school and higher education. While the end of summer freedom is a major bummer, back to school is an amazing time of starting new chapters! Back to school got you down? Check out these 21 tasty back to school-themed cupakes!

Easy And Creative Microwave Recipes

With back to school time here, for some it means a new living situation. One of the best things about college is living on your own in a dorm: no parents, no curfew and freedom – including the freedom to eat whatever you want! Most of the time those who dorm get a meal plan,… More »

5 Ways To Stay BFFs Even When You’re Far Apart

College is super-exciting when it comes to the idea of starting a brand new school and essentially a whole new chapter of your life. With excitement lurking…

How To Deal With A Difficult Roommate

College can be one of the most rewarding and super-fun experiences – especially if you live on-campus or in a dorm! Just think: no parents, complete freedom, and…

It Came From the Cafeteria: The Worst School Lunches Ever

How does one explain the joy that is school lunch? How does one make another person feel the texture of limp and poorly breaded, kidney bean shaped chicken nuggets deep in their soul? School lunches are often things pressed and contorted to look like actual food in modern day feats of nutritional science to swindle… More »

10 Tips To Help Survive The First Day Of School

Back to school is upon us and many of you will be high-tailing it out of the pool and hanging out all day, making your ways into classrooms…

Evolution Of The Lunch Box

With summer coming to an end and back to school time swiftly coming up, it’s time for those attending school to gather their school supplies. One must-have for every student of all ages? A lunch box! Remember your school lunch box when you were a kid? From the cute plastic boxes with the matching thermos… More »

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