Reasons Why We Love Katelyn Tarver

Today is the glorious day of November 2nd. You may ask what makes today glorious? Well, today is Katelyn Tarver‘s 23rd birthday! We are so excited for all her success, and we hope she was a wonderful birthday. In honor of Katelyn, we made a gallery of 23 adorable photos of her, and a list… More »

Counting the days

My b-day is almost arrived, among 2 days i’ll turn on 20! Oh Gosh!

Those days are really really busy for my family and I, we are preparing a lot of stuff, cleaning the…

Happy B-Day Doll!!! 08/24/2010

Antonella’s b-day. We were together, again!!! We had a lot of fun!!!!

Here it’s where she will celebrate her b-day with parents on Sunday

Her brother helps me…

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