30 Of The Best Shark Fashion!

IT IS THE START OF THE BEST WEEK EVER! SHARK WEEK!!! I seriously can’t express how much I love sharks, ugh the best! I used to have a small one as a pet and want a real big one day… a girl can dream right? Here are 30 of my fave shark fashion items…what is… More »

Colorful Hairstyles

Colorful Hair,Hairdos and Hairstyles.

Pastel Hair

Pastel Hair,Hairdos and Hairstyles.

Clueless Inspired Line By Wildfox Couture!

Wildfox Couture has nailed it once again! They took inspiration from Clueless, one of my favorite movies, and created their Spring 2013 line based off it. It is to die for! You can see all the clothes being featured in the photos in my gallery. Which look would YOU love to have?

Kat Von D’s Top Instagram Photos of 2012

I totally obsess over Kat Von D‘s instagram! I think she is so rad and beautiful. She always posts the best photos, from tattoos, to pics of her cat and all her amazing shoes! So since it’s the end of the year, I decided to gather up my favorite photos from Kat’s instagram. If you… More »

Demi Lovato Rocks Great TopShop Blazer On X-Factor!

I got home from Chicago last night and had to watch X-Factor immediately! I LOVED Demi Lovato’s blazer and thought it was perfect for the workplace. It’s available at <a…

Spooky Fest 2012: Get Your Halloween Badges On Buzznet!

With Halloween about 2 weeks away from happening, we here at Buzznet can hardly contain ourselves. The Halloween posts have been slowly making their presence felt by creeping around those dimly lit corners that they…

40 Gnarly Neck Tattoos

I have a couple friends with neck tattoos, and I find them so interesting! So I decided to throw together a gallery of some photos of people with their necks tattooed. Click through the gallery, and comment on your favorite!

Weekend Warriors: Mount Up!

Haaaaaay Bunnies!

So remember how we did that one thing that one time and then we didn’t do it again because of reasons? Well guess what? We are…

Fantastic or Freaky?

Ganguro literally means “black face,” in Japanese and has been a trend in Japanese street fashion for over 20 years now, peaking around the millennium. The staples of this look are extremely tanned skin, bleached or silver hair and heavy white make up. Some believe that it was inspired by 90’s American pop star/bimbo look… More »

Top 10 Things on Buzznet

This week has been another one for celebrating. Maybe it’s because Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Maybe it’s because Bradley Cooper robbed RyGos of the Sexiest Man Alive title. Maybe it’s…

Top 10 Things on Buzznet

Stuff happened this week. Lots of it. We celebrated the solar return of Ryan Gosling (with posts like this and this), Buzznet Storytellers told us how they found Buzznet, and we…

AWESOME things

here are a few things i think i really awesome!! what are a few things YOU think are awesome?! xo Jazmin

Mark Goes to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

So allow me to make some sort of official announcement about this, since I spoke about it on Twitter a couple days ago! I can finally share with you something that’s been planned since nearly…

Welcome to Lady Gaga State University

Sadly, there is not actually a Lady Gaga college…yet.  There’s not even a Gaga studies program.  But if one ever starts up, I think Iowa State University has called dibs.

Why do I think this?  Because…

QOTD – Why Are You So Awesome?

This QOTD is inspired by MusicIsCool. To read what inspired me, check out her blog of win here. So, the question before you is very simple. Tell us why you are awesome. Say…

Announcement! BreeSays Promoted to Buzznet’s Music Editor!

Party time! 🙂

Reblogged from Aviva

Back in 2006, Bree McGuire was fresh out of college and ready to conquer the world. It was shortly thereafter…

Jenny Quits Her Job Using A Dry Erase Board

this is great.

Reblogged from Chantal Cheri

Jenny was tired of being her boss Spencer’s floor mat so she decided last weekend that it was time to quit and just go for it.…

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