10 Life Essentials Featuring Danny Kurily

I try to be a little bit into everything, I want to be good at anything I try.  These are 10 things that are essentials to my life and my lifestyle. I present…

Tokio Hotel @ Audi Showcase – Tokyo, Japan (June 24th, 2011) [+ VIDEO & DOWNLOAD]

Today, Tokio Hotel have a showcase at Audi, this morning (European hour) they had the soundcheck and all it’s been good, they rehersed Phantomrider, Darkside of the Sun and Automatic. It’s really hot in Tokyo…

Tokio Hotel arrive at Narita Airport – Tokyo, Japan – June 23rd, 2011

In the next two days, Tokio Hotel will be the special guest of VIDEO MUSIC AID JAPAN  AWARDS.

Tomorrow they will have a little acoustic session at Audi and on 25th they will be among the…

BUSTED !!!!!!!

Tiny Mr.Potato Head and Peter were driving though this town and got pulled over by Woody !!! He took away the keys 😀 To be continued,,,,,,,,,,, View in full size original and please check out Squirrely Wednesday : )

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