Beyonce Gate: 5 Other Live Performers Who Should Have Lip-Synced

This week there has been some controversy revealing Beyonce was lip-syncing her performance at President Obama’s second inauguration. We don’t want to believe it! Beyonce blew us all away, but the news…

Guess The Celebrity!

Guess the little ballerina on the left hand side! HINT: She has an older famous sister!

Miley Cyrus Sports New Pixie Cut!

Miley Cyrus’ hair seems to be getting short and shorter every week! This week she decided to shock us even more with a dramatic new look! Miley tweeted counting down through out this entire week and now we know what the count down was for! Miley chopped off her locks and is now sporting a… More »

Ashlee Simpson Is In The Studio

This picture made my year! Ashlee Simpson is back in the studio after a long break after becoming a mommy to 3 year old Bronx (Bx). I can’t wait to hear what new sound motherhood will bring to her new music.

Pete Wentz: Rainy Day Kids Gets Release Date

Two years have passed since the announcment of Fall Out Boy’s “hiatus” leaving many to wonder what projects this “break” would bring.

Pete Wentz has been…

People You Need To Know: Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha is a recording artist from New York best known for her work as front woman for Black Cards (ft. Pete Wentz). The world needs…

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