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Artist Spotlight: Exclusive Interview With The Elovay’s Frontman Xavier Brinkman

Hey Music Lovers,

I have another awesome talent to share with you; Xavier Brinkman. He is a singer/songwriter and host of Balcony TV! If you are an LA pal you may have…

Coachella Day 1: The Magic Music Kingdom

Well, kids, we are at Coachella, enjoying every moment in the hot desert sun! We have been dancing to live music, drinking tons of water and taking in the breathtaking backdrop of…

Music Notes 4/18

We got a Paramore update today! Music notes have the stuff you need to know to keep you in the loop with all your music buds. 

Paramore album update.


Coachella Playlist Weekend 1: Day 1

Coachella is kicking off in a few days and it is time to get pumped people! I am fortunate enough to be heading to the huge festival next weekend, but I want to <a href=""…

Better Album Name Battle

Oh album names, what do you intend to express about your family of songs? What is your TRUE MEANING? Actually, all we want to know here is which title you find more appealing. Pick your faves amongst this pool of particularly interesting names.

The ‘Villain of Rock’ gives Panic! cred, talks make-up

Classic shock-rocka Alice Cooper did an interview with NYmag today and had some nice things to say about Panic! at the Disco, The White Stripes, and Arctic Monkeys.

<img style="width: 395px;…

Arctic Monkeys cover “Diamonds Are Forever”

Music Stuff 4/20

Tokio Hotel on Tour. (ONTD)

Live music + Horror flick… would you go see this? (Wired)

Saul Williams writes Oprah. (stereogum)

Arctic Monkeys full album stream. (punknews)

Music Stuff 4/5

Robert Smith is denying that Ash Simpson collaboration rumor. (punknews)Jenny Lewis Wins L.A. “Pioneer Woman” Honor. (pitchfork)Zune coming in color. (zunescene)Arctic Monkeys talk sh*t. (NME)

Music Stuff 3/14

iFilm has tonsss of videos of SXSW bands! New Arctic Monkeys video. (Stereogum)Tila Tequila keeps it real. Psh. (Idolator)Ozzfest dates announced. Blah. (Absolutepunk)

Music Stuff 2/28

SXSW 2007 Band Sampler MP3 List! (hearya)Bayside on Conan. (Absolutepunk)Stream !!! (chk chk chk) on MySpace.New Arctic Monkey’s single ft. Dizzee Rascal. (rocklouder)

When the Sun Goes Down – The Arctic Monkeys

The View from the Afternoon – The Arctic Monkeys

I like, I like.

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