My gardens are starting to grow, I have crocus, scillas and daffodils. I planted these little daffodils in the fall and now I get to see what they look…

Everything Beauty And Home You Need To Survive April

If you can’t tell by your allergies, it’s officially spring. Along with the new season comes new colors, clothing, makeup, and decor. It’s time to revamp your wardrobe, makeup, and home to match…


Driving back from the cemetery on Easter Day we were passing this little Italian Pastry Shop and I was able to get a photo of it right between my husbands head and the window !! He never even saw me take the photo !!! LOL View in full size


I thought it was time for another On The Road blog I think I got a few good ones this time and here is my Favorite …..

Everybody Wants To Fool The World: The Top 5 Best April Fools Day Pranks of 2014

Every year, I try to come up with a really good prank for April Fools Day but I always come up short. It looks like some of our favorite musicians, social media sites and gadgets…

Artist Of The Month: Neon Trees

Happy April! Can you believe it’s spring already?

This month’s Artist of the Month is none other than the lovely Neon Trees, who are…

Amanda Seyfried Strips Down For W Magazine

Amanda Seyfried stripped down for the April issue of W magazine and rocked some FAB eye makeup and killer cowboy boots. The 28-year-old actress showed off her toned body in three different sets of lingerie. She is looking AMAZING for this shoot I must say. Inside the issue she talks her role in Les Miserables… More »

Strange Talk Announce US ‘Cast Away’ Album Details

Flashback to one year ago this week: Synthpop band, Strange Talk, were getting ready to release their debut album, Cast Away, in their native land…

The Best Of Damn You Auto Correct

I know it is nothing new and everyone has heard of it but I don’t care, I still laugh so hard when I read “Damn You Autocorrect“. I checked out the “Best Of” section and after I was in tears from laughing, I snagged them all and put them in this gallery! *Mature Audiences only,… More »

My Week In Boston With Miss KL

For the past week i have been in Boston shooting with Miss KL and Karmaloop! i had so much fun getting to hang with everyone, shoot a ton of looks and eat some amazing meals! check out my photos from the trip and be sure to check out the site! www.misskl.com www.karmaloop.com xoxo

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Brendon Urie!

Buzznet wants to give a big huge congrats to Brendon Urie and Sarah Ozechowski who got married! The Panic At The Disco front man posted the pic below to his twitter today, April 28, saying “Best…

Hug A Friend Day: 38 Cute Animals Hugging

Today, April 26, is national hug a friend day! So everyone go out and hug all of your friends 🙂 In honor of this holiday I have put together a gallery of cute little animals hugging each other. It is so so cute seeing different animals being BFF and loving each other, I can’t stop… More »

Justin Bieber Wears A Chanel Face Mask With Fedora

SO Justin Bieber has been going through some sort of identity crisis lately. He has been wearing outrageous outfits, getting weirdo hair cuts and rocking strange hats & glasses. You can’t help but…

Miley Continues To Wear Shorty Short Shorts

Here in LA it’s heatin’ up and Miley did NOT wait a second to switch into summer short-shorts mode. As we pointed out yesterday, the long legged gluten-freenista has been…

Music Monday: Ashland High ON TOUR!

Hey guys! It’s a little late in the day I know, but for this week’s Music Monday I wanted to share that my brother Trace Cyrus is going on tour with his band…

2013 MTV Movie Award Nomination GIFs!

It’s almost time for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards! Take a look at this fun collection of GIFs below featuring some of our favorite MTV Movie Award nominees. Don’t forget to cast your…

A day like TODAY, april 5th.

This day in 1994, the world lost to Kurt Cobain.

Kurt Cobain was one of the greatest exponents of rock and grunge of all time, died at age 27.

Kurt Cobain genius and figure, you…

Fashion Favorite: Birthday Girl Samii Ryan

Today is one of our lovely Buzzmakers‘ days of birth! Samii Ryan is our go-to-girl for everythnig and anything en vogue. She has such an eye for style and design, which is just a tiny fraction of the infinite reasons we love this gorgeous gal. To celebrate her 22nd birthday, we have compiled 22 of… More »

Artist Of The Month: Paramore

Helloooo April! There’s so many things to be grateful for when starting a brand new month! April officially marks the start of

Question Of The Day: Holy Carps It’s April & Hard To Break Habits

Happy After Bunny Day, Buzznet! Did you have you fill of hallow chocolates and peeps? What did you all do for Zombie Jesus time? You should tell me. I like when you tell me things.

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